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Rainfall and Temperature at Acton Bridge, January to December 2010

Page updated 17. March 2011 and 28/6/2020 (degree signs)

This chart shows monthly rainfall and average temperature during the year 2010 (to date) at the Acton Bridge weather station. Actual rainfall is from a 5 inch gauge, whereas the temperature record is from the Davis VP2. Reference values are the averages of Shawbury and Manchester (Woodford) Met Office stations for the 30 year period 1970 to 2000.

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December was an exceptionally cold month, setting records in several parts of the UK, particularly in Northern Ireland. We recorded a remarkably low overall mean at our station of - 0.8°C, more than five degrees below the 30-year average ; five night-time minima below - 10°C ; and, more unusually, some very low day-time maxima, such as - 5.3°C on the 20th, leading to a 24-hour mean temperature of - 9.3°C. The temperature remained below freezing from the 18th to the 25th inclusive, except for a brief max of +0.2°C on the 21st, and the mean on Christmas Day was a bitter - 9.8°C.

The first half of December was also very dry, with less than 10mm of rainfall recorded by the 15th, and only 43% of the 30- year average for the entire month. The VP2 tipping bucket was frozen solid for extended periods, and under-read after thawing, jammed by ice. The 5" gauge may have under-read owing to sublimation of snow on unattended days.

In Acton Bridge, the year 2010 was recorded as follows:-

Rainfall (5" gauge) was 704 mm (93% of the 731mm 30-year average) but this belies significant variation within the year. March, April, May and June were much drier, whereas July, August, September and October were much wetter than average.
Wettest Day 21.4mm on 20. July
Wettest Month August with 94.1mm
Driest Month May with 23.5mm
Mean Temperature was 8.8°C (0.8°C below the 9.6°C 30-year average). January and February (and especially December, as above) were colder than the average, whereas June was significantly warmer.
Highest Temperature 29.3°C on 23. May
Lowest Temperature - 13.9°C on 7. January

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