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Summary of Rainfall and Temperature at Acton Bridge, 2011

Page updated 8. January 2012

This page carries a chart of monthly rainfall and average temperature during the year 2011 at the Acton Bridge weather station. Actual rainfall is from a 5 inch gauge, whereas the temperature record is from the Davis VP2. Reference values are the averages of Shawbury and Manchester (Woodford) Met Office stations for the 30 year period 1970 to 2000.

Here are links to the previous years' charts, and to a page of numerical statistics recording monthly mean, maximum and minimum temperatures, and rainfall at Acton Bridge from 2008 to present.

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In Acton Bridge, the year 2011 was recorded as follows:-

Rainfall (5" gauge) was 760 mm (104% of the 731mm 30-year average) but this belies significant variation within the year. March and April were much drier, whereas February and December were much wetter than average.
Wettest Day 17.2mm on 22. June
Wettest Month December with 133.7mm
Driest Month March with 16.7mm
Mean Temperature was 10.8°C (1.2°C above the 9.6°C 30-year average). January, July and August were slightly cooler than average, but every other month was above average, especially April (+3.7°), October (+2.7°) and November (+3.3°).
Highest Temperature 28.2°C on 1. October - it must be very unusual for the hottest day of the year so far to occur so late
Lowest Temperature -6.5°C on 29. January

The following charts show the last four years' monthly and annual temperatures plotted (red) against the (repeating) Met Office averages (green), with our recorded deviation from average plotted in blue to the same scale.

The years 2008 and 2009 were slightly warmer (+0.4° and +0.5° respectively) than average, 2010 was significantly cooler (-0.8°) than average, and 2011 was significantly warmer (+1.2°) than the 30-year average.

Monthly commentaries for 2011

December 2011 was very mild and very wet. The average temperature of 6.7°C was exactly two degrees above the long-term average, and rainfall at 133.7 mm was 83% above normal. Only one day (the 18th) recorded a frost, and that was a mere -1.1°C. In contrast, the overall mean temperature for December 2010 was -0.8deg;C.

November 2011 was very mild and dry, the third unusually mild month in a row, completing a very warm and rather dry Autumn. There was only one night with a frost, and the average daily temperature was well into double figures until the last few days of the month, when a cold front came through bringing 30+ knot gusts, hail and 6mm of rain in a couple of hours. This pulled the average down to 9.8°C, still a remarkable 3.3°C above the long-term average. Rainfall at 39.8 mm was only 56% of average.

October 2011 was very mild and rather wetter than average. The mean temperature of 12.8°C was 2.7 degrees higher than the norm, though (as in September) more as a result of mild nights than hot days. The first half of the month was exceptionally warm, however, with a max of 28.2°C on the 1st, and minima generally well into double figures until the 14th, and no frost recorded.

September 2011 was warm and dry, quite a change from the previous four months. The average temperature of 15.1°C was 1.8 degrees higher than average, though more as a result of mild nights than hot days, while rainfall at 31.6mm was less than half the norm. The last few days were however exceptionally warm, with 27.5°C on the 30th. [1. October turned out to be the hottest day of the year, hotter than any day during the summer].

August 2011 was the fourth wet month in a row at Acton Bridge, with 75.1 mm of rain, 16% above average, and making the first eight months 4% wetter than the norm. August was conspicuously cloudy and had 25 "rain days" (0.2mm or more) and two storms, on the 10th and the 26th / 27th. The overall temperature was remarkably steady, with few excursions below 10°C or above 20°C. Because there was only one really hot day (3rd, max 26.4°C), the month felt cool, although it actually averaged 15.4°C, just half a degree below the 30-year norm.

July 2011 was the third wet month in a row at Acton Bridge, with 69.8 mm of rain, 31% above average, and making the first seven months 3% wetter than the norm. Most of the month's rainfall occurred in two brief spells, especially around the 17th with an inch in 24 hours, and the last nine days recorded none at all. Apart from cooler periods associated with the rain, the overall temperature was steady and ended up half a degree below average.

June 2011 was another comparatively wet month at Acton Bridge, with 80.5 mm of rain, 32% above the 30-year average of 60.9mm, bringing the first half of the calendar year to 98% of the norm. Despite a few very warm days towards the end of the month (reaching 27.6°C on the 26th, and 27.9°C on the 27th) the overall temperature was just 0.1°C above average.

May 2011 was comparatively wet month at Acton Bridge, with 69.4 mm of rain, 32% above the 30-year average of 52.5mm. May was also rather mild, averaging 12.1°C, which is 0.7°C above the norm. There was no air frost during the month.

April 2011 was an exceptionally warm month at Acton Bridge, averaging 11.6°C, a remarkable 3.7°C above the norm. Seven days had highs above 20°C, with a maximum of 24.6°C on the 21st, and there was no air frost during the month. April was also very dry, with only 19.9 mm of rain (half of which fell in about one hour on the 22nd), just 41% of the 30-year average of 48.1mm. Twenty-two days recorded no rain at all.

March 2011 was exceptionally dry at Acton Bridge, with only 16.7 mm of rain, half of which fell in the last two days of the month. There were just three days with more than 2mm of rainfall, leading to only 30% of the 30-year average of 56.5mm. March also started quite cold, reversing the pattern of February, until the third week of the month when highs of about 18°C were recorded on a couple of days, and the month as a whole finished 0.5°C above average.

February 2011 was comparatively mild and very wet at Acton Bridge. February is statistically our driest month at 47mm, but we recorded 81mm of rainfall, 70% above average, and higher even than the 30-year average for October, the wettest month of the year here. The mean temperature of 6.8°C was a significant 2.6°C above the norm. The daily mean temperature exceeded 10°C on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 25th, while 20mm of rain fell on the 5th, and there were only six days with no rain at all.

January 2011 was comparatively dry and cool at Acton Bridge, with 56mm of rainfall, 86% of average, and a mean temperature of 3.4°C, 0.6°C lower than average. Only two days (13th & 15th) had mean temperatures in double figures, and only one day (5th) recorded more than 10mm in the 5" gauge.

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