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This is a report from the Automatic Weather Station in Acton Bridge, Cheshire, England, 53.3°N 2.6°W 38m Above Sea Level, and generally updated every 30 minutes.

Update 2018/06/14 - owing to a cable fault, the Anemometer is not functioning at present. The VP2 barometer is also faulty, so has been deleted from reports. Site notes: the Davis Vantage Pro2 Integrated Sensor Suite (with temperature, humidity and rain gauges) is at the recommended height of 1.25m above grass. The anemometer and wind vane are approximately 7m above ground level and 2m above a roof gable end.

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Davis Vantage PRO 2
Automatic Weather Station
Acton Bridge, Cheshire, England 53.3°N 2.6°W 38m ASL
Weather at 4:45 (local)
on 01/10/20

Outside Temp History  

Today's Rain   Rain History   Rain Rate

Current Wind Speed  Wind Speed History  Current Wind Direction

N at 0.0 kt
Today's Rain
0.8 mm
Rain Rate
0.0 mm/hr
Storm Total
12.0 mm
Monthly Rain
0.8 mm
Yearly Rain
700.4 mm
Today's Highs & Lows

High Temperature

Low Temperature

11.1°   at   0:00

9.5°  at    2:54

High Humidity

Low Humidity

96%    at   0:00

95%   at   0:28

High Wind Speed

0.0 kt   at  ----

High Rain Rate

1.8 mm/hr   at   4:04

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