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Update 30. November 2017

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Parish Rooms Flower Beds Parish Rooms

We're delighted that Mrs Joyce Woodward has kindly taken over the maintenance of the flower beds outside the Parish Rooms, after Mr & Mrs Sandys-Winsch moved away from the village. Here she is setting out new plants, with Nick and a load of bark chippings!

Groundwork / Woodland Trust

A second coppicing day was held on Saturday 28th October. We are hoping to hold more working days in the future, so if you have any queries or would like to be added to the local database for updates, please contact Cliff Mallows on cliffmallows@gmail.com

www.saltscape.co.uk - www.groundwork.org.uk/clm

Petal Walk Waymark The Launch of the Saltscape Petal Walks, looping between Weaverham and Acton Bridge, took place on Saturday 16. September 2017.

The inaugural walks began at Acton Bridge Parish Rooms, led by John Wilson of the Weaverham Trust, and Steve Pardoe of Acton Bridge Parish Council. We finished at Bottom Pitch Meadow, off Owley Wood Road in Weaverham, and the route went via St Mary's Church, where people who preferred to begin in Weaverham were able to join in.

For further details, please visit our Saltscape Project page.

This year's Weaverham and Acton Bridge Show was held on Saturday 12. August - click on the link for details.

Station Road Nursery Site
After several representations from villagers, your Parish Council wrote to Cheshire West and Chester Council requesting enforcement, under Section 215 (s215) of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990, of the owner's obligations regarding its appearance and the redundant structures upon it. Unfortunately, CWAC does not consider the condition of the site to be bad enough to warrant a s215 Notice,

Previously, a Planning Application (ref 17/01729/FUL) was submitted to Cheshire West & Chester Council for 17 dwellings of various sizes on the plot which used to be the Nursery / Garden Centre, and was discussed during the Parish Council Meeting and its AGM on 16. May. About 17 members of the public were in attendance to voice their opinions about the proposed development.
This Application was withdrawn on 20. June, but a new Planning Statement appeared on the CWAC website on the same day. This Statement makes some startling assertions about the Parish Council's role in the matter, and refers to discussions taking place (which didn't) and opinions being expressed (which weren't) before the Application was submitted. It's the Parish Council's long-standing principle not to enter into pre-Application discussions with, or express opinions to, developers, for precisely the reason that any such remarks could be taken out of context. The Parish Council's formal responses to CWAC on this and other Applications are the only documents having any legal standing.

This Application follows a promotion last year of "Hazlehurst Close", which was discussed at a public meeting on 3. November 2016, and received a very negative reception from the 70 or so residents who attended. For continuity, more details of the planning application are on our "Hazlehurst" page, though this name does not appear in the formal application.

The Countryside Code
Following some recent incidents, a gentle reminder to our residents that Public Rights Of Way are the only routes you should follow when out walking. A map showing all the PROWs in Acton Bridge is available from ABCA News editors or the Parish Council. Farmland is privately owned, so follow the Countryside Code, and keep dogs under close control, especially near livestock. Please remember that the countryside is our farmers' workplace, and their livelihood. Thank you!
You can read the Countryside Code on the Government website by clicking here, or download a PDF brochure and bookmark from gov.uk/government/publications/the-countryside-code.
Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)
We now have further dates for PCSO Surgeries in the Parish Rooms, between 13:00 (1:00 pm) and 14:00 (2:00 pm) on three Saturdays, 11th November, 16th December and 13th January (2018). Residents with any issues or topics on Police matters are invited to raise them with the PCSO - no appointment is necessary.

There have been reports of a spate of house, shed and garage break-ins in Acton Bridge and Weaverham - please take extra care to keep your possessions secure!

Strawberry Lane update
The latest Planning Application for this contentious Green Belt site, for one "affordable" house, has been withdrawn by the Applicant. This is encouraging, but doesn't rule out another attempt by this very persistent developer. The withdrawal (discussed in detail at a recent PC Meeting) was on technical aspects which may be resolved at a later date.

Acton Bridge has its own Facebook page - search facebook.com for "acton bridge village" or click here to join in.

You can also find news of forthcoming events in Acton Bridge on the Community Association and Women's Institute pages.

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