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Update 16. August 2018

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Cliff Lane Closure 16. September 2018
We've received a "5-Day Notification" of a closure of Cliff Lane on 16. September, as follows:
"Please find attached link to a temporary road closure notice for Cliff Lane, Acton Bridge which commences on 16th September 2018. This is necessary for safety reasons to enable safety examination of the railway bridge and will be carried out by Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd. The works are expected to last for 1 day. https://apps.roadworks.org/downloads/tm/5-day-notice-107002088-3111675.pdf
Should you require any further information regarding this closure, please contact on 0300 123 7036.
Technical Support Team
Winsford & Northwich Highways Office"

Update 16. August - "Please be advised that the diversion route has now been removed and advisory signs that the bridge is closed will be in place."
[Previously - Disappointingly, the notice again shows the impractical diversion route via Crowton, via the private road and narrow bridge, unsuitable for HGVs.]

Interactive Speed Indicator Displays have been installed in the village, and are already operational. This is the culmination of many years of work, dozens of meetings, three Requests-for-Quotation, 76 pages (yes, really) of compliance forms just to put the poles in; plus hundreds of e-mails, and endless time spent by our Parish Councillors. And not forgetting several thousand pounds from the Parish Precept, plus grants from Cheshire West Borough Councillors and the Police & Crime Commissioner's Office. Well done to all who have helped to make this a reality for our Village and Community. The signs will be rotated from time to time around the four sites - as shown below on Station Road and Hill Top Road, and on Acton Lane and Milton Rough, which already have the poles and solar panels installed.

At last, and after much chasing by our Parish Council, the lane markings at the junction of Station Road and Hill Top Road have been repainted by CWAC.

We have a new bench to replace the WI Commemorative one at the junction of Cliff Road, Strawberry Lane and Hill Top Road

The 25th Annual Weaverham and Acton Bridge Show took place on Saturday 11. August 2018 in the Weaverham Community Centre, and there were several well-earned rosettes for Acton Bridge entries. The Show's dedicated website is at weaverhamshow.co.uk.
6. March 2018 - Town Farm Quarry
Against all expectations, we carried the day in Chester this afternoon, with a unanimous decision by the Planning Committee to throw out all but one of the Variations to Conditions which had formed the Town Farm Quarry Application. Please visit our "Stop the Tip" page for more information as it comes in. You can view the full CWAC Webcast here (though the sound is a bit jerky) - the TFQ section 5 "17/00575/S73 - Variation of conditions" starts about 33 minutes in, and don't forget to turn the sound up on your device.

Acton Bridge has its own Facebook page - search facebook.com for "acton bridge village" or click here to join in.

You can also find news of forthcoming events in Acton Bridge on the Community Association and Women's Institute pages.

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