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Update 7. April 2014

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The next meeting of your Parish Council will include the Annual General Meeting, be held in the Parish Rooms, Hill Top Road, CW8 3RA, on Tuesday. 6. May 2014 (owing to the Bank Holiday). It will start at the earlier time of 7:00pm, with the AGM at 7:30.

Special Announcement

A Planning Application has been received for new housing on the field bordered by Strawberry Lane and Hill Top Road. The Cheshire West and Chester notice attached to the gate on Hill Top Road (see photo) states that "The proposed development does not accord with the provisions of the development plan which covers this area". This area is of course part of the Green Belt, and as such enjoys the highest national level of protection from new built development.

However, recent cases have shown that even the special "washed-over" green belt status of Acton Bridge may not be enough to prevent opportunistic developers from exploiting the system on Appeal. Your Parish Council considered this Application at its meeting on Monday 7. April, which was attended by a gratifyingly large number of residents. A report will be published shortly.

ABPC meeting
It's standing room only as Parish Council Chairman Bob Holt discusses the plans for Strawberry Lane with Acton Bridge residents

If you have a view about this proposal, or just wish to learn more, please visit the Cheshire West and Chester application page; or search at http://pa.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/online-applications/ for Planning Ref 14/00930/FUL ; look at the plans on-line, and write with your opinion to CWAC, quoting the Application number 14/00930/FUL, at the following address...

Development Management, Planning Service
Cheshire West & Chester Council
Wyvern House, The Drumber

CWAC's website gives the Neighbour Consultation Expiry Date as Wednesday 2. April 2014, but following representations from the Parish Council that no site notices had been displayed, this has been extended to 15. April.

planning notice

Parish Councils are the lowest tier of Local Government in England, and are therefore generally the closest to the people they represent. To quote from Judge John Prophet :
"The Parish Council is one of the great survivors in our governmental institutions. It was the only council not abolished under the Local Government Act 1972 and has now been in continuous existence for over one hundred years. Long may it prosper as an admirable example of the benefits to our governmental system of local decision-making by elected representatives of the people". ["The Parish Councillor's Guide" (Shaw & Sons, ISBN 0 7219 0515 3)]

Acton Bridge Parish Council consists of eight Councillors and a Clerk. We usually meet at 7:30pm on the first Monday of each month in the Parish Room, to discuss planning applications, local concerns and items of interest to the community. Members of the public are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings, but are not generally permitted to speak except during a special agenda item set aside for the purpose before the main business begins. Visitors' active participation is, however, encouraged during the Annual General Meeting, when the Councillors will do their best to answer questions and discuss matters of concern to local residents. Most meetings are attended by one or more of our three Local Government Representatives. Following the local government reorganisation in April 2009, Vale Royal Borough Council was abolished and we became part of Cheshire West and Chester Council. Since the May 2011 elections we are in a new "Weaver and Cuddington" Ward, which consists of four Parishes - Acton Bridge, Cuddington (which includes the community of Sandiway), Dutton, and Weaverham. You can read more on our Boundary page.

As part of our "Freedom of Information" initiative, PC Meeting Minutes are published on this website, following approval at the subsequent meeting. Please click on the monthly links to see the Parish Council Minutes for 2013...
March 2014February 2014January 2014  Extraordinary Meeting 17. December 2013 ; December 2013 ; November 2013 ; October 2013 ; September 2013 (no meeting in August) ; July 2013 ; June 2013 ; May 2013 and 2013 AGM ; April 2013 ; March 2013 and notes from a special Homewatch Meeting on 4. March ; February 2013 ; January 2013 ;

...and click here to view the archived Minutes for 2012 back to 2003.

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Your Cheshire West and Chester Councillors (since the Local Elections on 5. May 2011) are as follows:-
Alan McKie, Charles Fifield and John Grimshaw.
Your Member of Parliament (since the General Election on 6. May 2010) is Graham Evans (Conservative, Weaver Vale)
Model Code of Conduct on HMSO website
Consultation on the Model Code (local copy here)
Natural England
DCLG The Department for Communities and Local Government (new name, new site)

Please note: this is a personal website, and does not necessarily represent the views of Acton Bridge Parish Council or any other organisation. Its editor is Steve Pardoe
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