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Update 8. March 2018

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Owing to the Easter Bank Holiday, the next meeting will be held in the Parish Rooms, Hill Top Road, CW8 3RA, at 7:30pm on Tuesday 3. April 2018. The most recently published Agenda and Minutes will be made available for download from our Transparency Page. Residents of Acton Bridge are always welcome to attend Parish Council meetings, to raise concerns or simply to observe our proceedings. Matters of urgency can be brought to the attention of the Clerk or any Councillor, or by e-mail to the address at the bottom of this page (shown as an image to reduce spam).

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) :
We now have further dates for PCSO Surgeries in the Parish Rooms, between 13:00 (1:00 pm) and 14:00 (2:00 pm) on the Saturdays 17. March and 21. April. Residents with any issues or topics on Police matters are invited to raise them with the PCSO - no appointment is necessary.

Your Parish Council has received a generous Award from the Police and Crime Commissioner's Safer Communities Fund, which will be put towards the cost of the Interactive Speed Warning Sign, which is being progressed through a series of meetings between your Parish Council, CWAC Highways Dept., and the sign suppliers. Click on the image to download a PDF file of the Award.

PCC Award

Parish Councils are the lowest tier of Local Government in England, and are therefore generally the closest to the people they represent. To quote from Judge John Prophet :
"The Parish Council is one of the great survivors in our governmental institutions. It was the only council not abolished under the Local Government Act 1972 and has now been in continuous existence for over one hundred years. Long may it prosper as an admirable example of the benefits to our governmental system of local decision-making by elected representatives of the people". ["The Parish Councillor's Guide" (Shaw & Sons, ISBN 0 7219 0515 3)]

Acton Bridge Parish Council consists of eight Councillors and a Clerk. We usually meet at 7:30pm on the first Monday of each month in the Parish Rooms, to discuss planning applications, local concerns and items of interest to the community. You can see a Calendar of Forthcoming Meetings here. Most meetings are attended by one or more of our three Local Government Representatives from Cheshire West and Chester Council. Since May 2011 we have been in the "Weaver and Cuddington" Ward, which consists of four Parishes - Acton Bridge, Cuddington (which includes the community of Sandiway), Dutton, and Weaverham, though there are recent proposals to change this yet again. You can read more on our Boundary page.

In compliance with Transparency requirements, Parish Council Meeting Minutes, details of your Parish and Borough Councillors, your Weaver Vale Constituency MP, and links to Statutory Documents and Compliance Information can now be found via our Transparency Page.
Earlier Acton Bridge Parish Council Minutes dating back to 1972 have been archived at the Cheshire Record Office, Chester.

Please note: this is a personal website, and does not necessarily represent the views of Acton Bridge Parish Council or any other organisation. Its editor is Steve Pardoe
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