Steve's Youarsey Meeting Pages

Youarsey Meetings July 1999
The Roaches and Crookrise

This a page of further images taken at The Roaches, 17/7/1999

See also:
The Sloth featuring Mark Tolver
Wombat also featuring Mark Tolver
Crookrise on Sunday
Arsathon at Crookrise

Ian Grimsey demonstrates his special warm-up technique for West's Wallaby (see below)

Marek setting off up Tealeaf Crack

Steve P. following Marek up Tealeaf Crack. "Come on out, little Friend"
(Photo by Ian Grimsey)

Maud's Garden (left of centre), later led by Steve "gibbering" P. after clearing the wellied abseilers

Ant Williams leading, with Tony Buckley on the awesome flake of Via Dolorosa

Bouldering crew (Paul, Toby, Mark, Ant and Stew, and mascot Gem)

Valkyrie ("Oh dear, it's busy, another time, perhaps...")

Ian Grimsey on West's Wallaby

...and again

Adam Greenwood on Chalkstorm

..and again

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