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Youarsey Meetings July 1999
The Roaches and Crookrise

Here are some photos from Crookrise

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Arsathon at Crookrise

Malcolm, and Steve Gray, admiring Ian Grimsey's lycra-clad "rack"

Steve P. seconding Diagonal Crack

Busy crag! Ian Grimsey's just topped out on Octopus, Steve P. is about to second.
Steve Gray is on Diagonal Crack, and Toby's downclimbing Induction (we think)

Steve P. seconding Octopus (var), note the cunning knee move

Getting some gear out

The traverse gets easier...

Big strides (nice tight rope, thanks Ian!)

Toby apparently standing on Steve Gray's head, leading Winter Rain?

Malcolm on the slab, Steve Gray looking on

Youarsey people: Malcolm, Ian, Tony, Mark, Paul, and my rucksack. Oh, and Steve Gray.

Tony Buckley leading Long Climb (and, boy, did it seem a long climb...)

Getting those feet a little higher...

...and getting stuck. Bit of a sandbag MVS, today, anyway?

Mark Tolver attempting The Shelf, E2 5b

Mark again, taking a break

...and moving again

Mark, with Paul's knees after the, er, "Stomach Traverse"

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