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FMD and the Scottish Highlands, March 2001

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Vehicle wheel wash on the A82, Rannoch Moor. The wash consists of some damp matting, and is "supervised" by two men who sit in the cab of their van, but (according to the lady at the Kingshouse) stop work at 8pm, after which traffic can drive straight through

Meanwhile, sheep roam freely across the road and into the fields of Glencoe...

...but people can't

This is the kind of sign you find

Ski-boot wash at the Nevis Range gondola, Aonach Mor. The disinfection consists of a strip of damp carpet, and there's no very obvious supervision of its efficacy, or of people walking over it

This leads to frustration in climbers being kept off the hills...

..when they look as good as this!

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Aonach Mor Page

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