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Aonach Mor, Scotland, March 2001

Steve C and Steve P headed north for a weekend's climbing and Winter Skills instruction. Sadly, Foot & Mouth Disease meant that much of Lochaber was out of bounds, but Aonach Mor was still open. Local restrictions meant we simply had to use the ski lift to reach the summit plateau (not that we're soft or anything...)

Update 2. December 2002 (links)

The cornices above Coire an Lochain

The routes were mostly in condition on Sunday

Big sky above the summit plateau

Our Guide Cliff Smith with Euan, Mark, and Steve C

Cliff Smith with Steve C

Steve C cutting a snow bollard

Steve P in his comfy bucket seat (belay practice)

Another party climbing down into Easy Gully

Steve C abseiling into Easy Gully

Steve P pretending to climb (but with walking axes?)

The Ben, in nick and out of bounds

Steve P preparing to descend into Easy Gully

Steve P, er, descending

Steve P having a good day!

Big thanks to Cliff S for excellent Winter Skills instruction, and to Steve C for excellent company and sound technique.


We stayed at the Onich bunkhouse, Inchree, and would recommend it (link updated Dec 2002).
We arranged our tuition through Smiler Cuthbertson.
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