Welcome to ActonBridge.Org "Wedding of the Year" Event, 29. April 2011

Edition of 7. May 2011 :

On 29. April 2011 we held a "Wedding of the Year" event to which 60 or so villagers, many in appropriate costume, brought their own food and drink to celebrate the marriage of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, in Westminster Abbey earlier in the day. Some (more or less embarrassing) pictures appear below.

On Saturday 30. April 2011 there was yet another Caterpillar and Butterfly Trail and Competition, with maps of the exhibits in the Parish Rooms, where you could cast your votes for the winners, and enjoy tea and cakes.

There were also art, craft and photography competitions on the Saturday. The results (courtesy of Veronica Oliver) and some pictures are here.

Update 7. May pm - a pre-publicity picture from the Northwich Guardian (sorry about the poor quality of the copying process)

...and here are some photos from Marj Afzal...

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