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23. October 1999, The Roaches

Half a dozen climbers from the uk.rec.climbing Internet newsgroup spent a rather damp day a-clankin' and a-crankin' at this popular Staffordshire gritstone crag.

Apologies for the lack of quality: the light was very poor, and many of the images have been compressed to save bandwidth.

There are more (and much better) pictures on Adrian Japp's web site.

Revision of 1/11/1999, with additional images from Adrian [AJ]

Charles and Tim on Ruby Tuesday (E2 5b,4b,5b)

Adrian seconding Stuart on Right Route, a nice warm-up V Diff

Tim, Adrian (belaying me on Right Route, I think) and Stuart (Ant's photo)

Adrian & Stuart picnicking under a flysheet

Mark and Adrian compare their long, strong, pink things: Ant can only look on in wonder

What shall we climb next? [AJ]

Charles and Tim cosying up at the belay on Ruby Tuesday

Mark and Ant (leading) on Valkyrie

Ant on Valkyrie...

Ant, and Mark now having another look at Valkyrie... [AJ]

...while Gem shelters under a little woof (sorry, roof)

Youarsies: Adrian, Mark, Ant, Stuart and Steve, with Gem [AJ]

No Youarsey gathering is complete without...     ...Cake! [AJ]

The Ascent of Man (E3 6a): Ant on the boulder problem start, Mark watching

The Ascent of Man: Mark trying, Tim & Ant looking on

Ant has another go...

...then it's Tim's turn

Now Charles, roped and racked, has a proper look. It was almost dark by now

Getting some gear in...

...and yet more, before the rain came down...

...forcing a retreat into his cave. Sorry about the rain on the lens

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