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Updated 31. January 2001

A Weekend for Two in New York with Electronics Times

Here are a few pages of images from a Fujifilm MX-700 digital camera, taken during our trip to New York City at the end of January. The trip was the first prize in the Electronics Times writing competition, and was timed to coincide with Steve's 51st birthday.

You're welcome to read the essay, if you're interested in what I think life may be like, from an electronic perspective, in the Year 2018.

Steve Pardoe on
			Brooklyn Bridge, Digital Photo by Judy Pardoe
Steve Pardoe on Brooklyn Bridge
Digital Photo by Judy Pardoe
The pictures are spread over several pages, so you can be looking at one page while the next is loading; the small pictures shown are compressed to load quickly, and for reasons of space we've now had to delete the enlarged versions of the left-hand columns of images from the server.
Gallery Room 1
Hotels, Times Square, and the Midtown area
Gallery Room 2
Downtown, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building and the night-time views from it
Gallery Room 3
Getting around, Metropolitan Art and Natural History Museums
			GIF by Ann-Marie Smyth
Animated "Walk, Don't Walk" GIF image by Ann-Marie Smyth

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