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This event was recorded on 8. January 2008 by our Davis VP2, specially set to a one-minute recording interval. The data were downloaded to an MS Excel spreadsheet and normalized to make the vertical spans comparable (so, for example, the peak rain rate was about 48mm/hr).

This commentary has been downloaded from Reading University,
"A deepening area of low pressure headed NE towards W Scotland on the 8th, lying over the Hebrides (centre 970mb) by 2400GMT. There were overnight showers over parts of Scotland early in the day, before a warm front spread rain across Ireland by mid-morning. During the morning this rain spread to W England - 12mm of rain fell in the 6 hours ending 1200GMT at Connaught Airport - and then moved N across Scotland during the second half of the day. The cold front followed, clearing all but the Northern Isles by midnight, to be followed by showers. Hail showers occurred in W Ireland, mixed with thunder at Shannon Airport. Thunder was also reported in parts of S Ireland and on the Isle of Man during the afternoon and early evening. Over Scotland and N England rain turned to snow over high ground. The cold front was a sharp affair with some places seeing a temperature drop of 7C in about 20 minutes, according to the Met Office. As the low centre approached the wind speeds increased in the N; The Met Office reported gusts of 84mph at Machrihanish and 77mph at Ballykelly in the evening, with 107mph reported at Malin Head. (Isles of Scilly 13.7C, Loch Glascarnoch 2.1C maximum, Fyvie castle -2.7C, Tyndrum 40.4mm, Kirkwall 3.0h.)" Back to Meteo Index Page

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