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Summary of Rainfall and Temperature at Acton Bridge, 2012

Page updated 4. June 2013

This page carries a chart of monthly rainfall and average temperature during the year 2012 at the Acton Bridge weather station. Actual rainfall is from a 5 inch gauge, whereas the temperature record is from the Davis VP2. Reference values are the averages of Shawbury and Manchester (Woodford) Met Office stations for the 30 year period 1970 to 2000.

Here are links to the previous years' charts, and to a page of numerical statistics recording monthly mean, maximum and minimum temperatures, and rainfall at Acton Bridge from 2008 to present.

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In Acton Bridge, the year 2012 was recorded as follows:-

Rainfall (5" gauge) was 1,156mm (172% of the 744mm 30-year Met Office 1981 to 2010 average. The months of April, June, September and December 2012 were exceptionally wet, and the Met Office reported in late December that 2012 had been the wettest year for England since records began.
Wettest Day 24. September with 33.8mm
Wettest Month December with 168.4mm
Driest Month March with 20.6mm
Mean Temperature was 9.6°C (just 0.2°C below the 9.8°C 30-year Met Office 1981 to 2010 average). The only months significantly warmer than average were January (+1.4°C) and March (+1.9°C).
Highest Temperature 27.3°C on 24. July
Lowest Temperature -6.0°C on 3. February

The Chart shows three rainfall series - lightest blue is the Met Office 30-year averages for Shawbury and Manchester ; the mid-blue is the four-year 2008-2011 averages for the Acton Bridge 5" rain gauge ; and the darkest blue is the 2012 monthly rainfall. The months of April, June, September and December 2012 were exceptionally wet, by either standard. The Met Office reported in late December that 2012 had been the wettest year for England since records began.

Monthly Commentaries for 2012

December 2012 was an exceptionally wet month in Acton Bridge, with 168mm completing an exceptionally wet year of 1,156mm, by far the wettest in the last five years. There were only four dry days, and very little sunshine. Temperatures were low at the start, with three nights' frost and two days when the temperature never rose above zero, but it warmed up at the end of the month with an unusually high minimum of 10.7°C on the 31st.

November 2012 was wet and slightly cool, but the averages belie some sharp contrasts. The middle of the month was mild and dry, but significant storms (causing serious flooding in some areas) followed by frosts changed its character later. The year to date has recorded 47% more rainfall than the MetO thirty-year average would suggest.

October 2012 was rather cool and slightly dry. It was another cloudy month, and so felt colder than the recorded mean of 8.9°C, which is about 1.5°C below average. There was just one frost of -0.3°C on the 27th. Rainfall at 76.3mm was 5% below the mean, mainly falling in three significant events, with the period 18th to 27th almost dry.

September 2012 was rather cool, and exceptionally wet. After a dry start, there were serious storms and flooding in many parts of the country as a very deep depression was trapped over the UK by a kink in the jet stream. Acton Bridge recorded over 100mm of rain in three days (23rd to 25th) with much of this falling in just a few hours onto already-wet ground. The mean temperature was 12.5°C, about 1.2°C below the re-based (1981-2010) MetO 30-year average of 13.7°C ; and rainfall (5 inch gauge) amounted to 168mm, 260% of the 64mm expected, and easily exceeding June's 147mm. This was the sixth "wet" month in a row, bringing the year-to-date to 57% above normal.

August 2012 was about average for temperature at 16.2°C, but rather wet at 31% above normal, the fifth unusually wet month in a row, taking the year to date to 42% above average, and the "summer" quarter of June to August 78% above. An inch of rain fell in a single hour on 5. August, at a rate 128 mm/h, and nearly half an inch in less time on the 15th at a rate of 106 mm/h, giving 45mm by mid-month. As in recent months, the broad averages don't fully represent the experience - mild nights and low daytime maxima gave the impression of a cooler month than it was.

The Met Office has at last published its updated long-term statistical averages, for 1981 to 2010, and these will now be used as our references, taking an average for their stations at Manchester Airport and Shawbury.

July 2012 was again slightly cool, especially to start with, but finished about one degree below the long-term average. As during June, persistent cloud cover produced little diurnal variation, with mild nights and cool maxima, so the perception was of a colder month than the data support. It was another very wet month, the fourth such in a row, with nearly double the typical rainfall, most of it in the first half ; and just one significant dry and sunny spell, during the fourth week. Accumulated rainfall for the year to date is 46% above normal.

June 2012 was slightly cool, especially to start with, but finished about half a degree below the long-term average. Persistent cloud cover produced little diurnal variation, with mild nights and cool maxima, so the perception was of a colder month than the data support. It was exceptionally wet, with more than double the typical rainfall and very few dry days. The first six months of the year delivered 40% more rain than the 30-year average.

May 2012 continued April's cool weather for a couple of weeks, the middle part also being very wet, with 50mm of rain within a week. This was followed by high-summer conditions, with five successive daily maxima around 25°C and no rain at all during the 11-day period 20th to 30th. There was also a short period of unusually high pressure, with the VP2 at Chester showing 1,035.8 mB on 12. May.

April 2012 was cool and extremely wet, in marked contrast to March. The average temperature of 7.2°C was 0.7 degrees cooler than normal, mainly as a result of low daytime maxima rather than cold nights. Remarkably, the mean, maximum and minimum April temperatures were all lower than the equivalents for the previous month. Rainfall was more than double the 30-year average at about 108mm (April is normally quite a dry month in Acton Bridge). Nationally, April 2012 was the wettest, and among the coolest, on record.

March 2012 was generally mild, and at 8.3°C, more than two degrees above average temperature. There was only one frost (-0.6°C on the 6th), and a remarkably warm final week, with three days exceeding 20°C. It was also very dry, at a mere 42% of the long-term average, with only two significant rain events, around the 3rd and the 17th. There was no rain at all from the 18th onwards.

February 2012 was, at 4.5°C, close to the average temperature, and very slightly dry. The first part of the month was cold, with 8 air-frosts in the first 11 nights, but the remainder was mild, with some exceptionally high night-time minima and daytime maxima (such as 9.3°C and 16.9°C on the 23rd), bringing the average back up.

January 2012 was mild and slightly wet. The average temperature of 5.7°C was nearly two degrees above the long-term average, and rainfall at 69.2 mm was 6% above normal. Until late in the month it was very mild, with some remarkably warm night-time minima, but the last week reverted to type. The first week or so was very windy, with a gust of 43.5 kt (50 mph, 80 kph) bringing down trees on the 5th.

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