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University of Cincinnati Directory of Medical Journals suggested by Mrs Fuller's student, thanks!
Mental Health Net
The lancet Interactive
eBMJ, British Medical Journal home page
Medical Journals - WebMedLit

GP-UK Home
Well Close Square homepage
Goldcross Medical
NACGP - National Association of Commissioning GPs
The Royal College of General Practitioners

NHS Trusts

Brighton Health Care NHS Trust - Homepage

List Servers

Mailbase Electronic Mailing List Service

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Home Office Internet Service - home page
Health of the Nation - Home Page
Welcome to the Health and Safety Executive
Home Office Internet Service - home page
Royal Assent entries
Freedom of Information Unit
Houses of Parliament Home Page
Her Majesty's Stationery Office
Anglia and Oxford Regional Office - Home Page
HEA: Welcome to the Health Education Authority
Your NHS: Ask Dr. Harry
50 years of the NHS
Welcome to Europa
Welcome to the Health and Safety Executive
Official Documents home page
NHS Executive Home Page: Department of Health...
Department of Health Home Page
NHS and UK Gov't Sites
NHS R&D Strategy - Anglia and Oxford - Regional Publications

Mental Health

Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students New! (US Site)
Counselling Directory
Nigel Turner's HyperGUIDE to the Mental Health Act
The Mental Illness Activist Home Page
Survivors Speak Out
Welcome to the Department of Psychiatry
The Psychiatry Resource Page on
Help for Depression website
Kwik Med Mental Health Resources & News
Vapeworld Yoga for Anxiety Treatment
Yoga for Relaxation
Anxiety Disorder Treatment
Psychology Today - Self Help

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Welcome to the Alzheimer's Association
Psychogeriatric Assessment Scales
Alzheimer Web Home Page
Index of /WebPath
Alzheimer Web Home Page
Scientific Resources for Dementia


Bipolar Disorder
Pendulum's Bipolar Disorder / Manic-Depression Pages

Personality Disorder

Mental Health Net - Dialectical Behavior Therapy
DBT Links
DBT Skills Discussion Group (Email List)

Mental Health Net - Self-help Questionnaires


ECT Links
Shocked! 40,000 Volts of Fun

Mental Health Net - All About Personality Disorders
Online Dictionary of Mental Health (reported broken, October 2012)
NetPsychology *Not* associated with PsychNET - a registered trademark of the American Psychological Association (APA)
Collected Writings of Ivan K. Goldberg
The Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Research Unit (CRU)
The Royal College of Psychiatrists: Publications
CIMH Homepages

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Peter Breggin, MD and the Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology Index and Home Page
The Need for Positive Alternatives to Psychiatry's Brain-Damaging Approaches


Schizophrenia - Doctor's Guide to the Internet
The Schizophrenia Help Home Page
The Schizophrenia Home Page - Family/Friends ...
The Schizophrenia Home Page


Drug Related Links
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
NCADI- Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illicit Drug Databases
National Institute on Drug Abuse
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Home Page
Pathology of Drug Abuse
Alcohol Concern the National Agency on Alcohol Misuse for England & Wales
AC Home Page
Welcome to ALCOWEB
ALCOWEB - General Information
Alcohol Related Links
Department of Addictive Behaviour, St. George...
NIAAA - National Institute on Alcohol Abuse a...
Mental Health Net - Alcohol & Substance Abuse
The Stanton Peele Addiction Web Site

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Secret Shame (link updated November 2013)
Suicide Research Consortium
Mental Health Net - Suicide Resources
Suicide Information & Education Center (SIEC)
Bodies Under Siege Webring


British Psychological Assn
Institute Therapeutic Change
PSYCHE: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Resea...
Behavior OnLine: The Mental Health and Behavioral Science Meeting Place
Nervous System Disease and Mental Health Reso...
Work & Stress Page
Nigel Turner's HyperGUIDE to the Mental Healt...
The Institute of Mental Health Law
Dr. GROHOL's Mental Health Page - Psychology Web Pointer
Mental Health Net - InterPsych Newsletter
Institute of Psychiatry Home Page
Internet Links
Internet Mental Health
Psych Central: Dr. John GROHOL's Mental Health Page
Psychology - Mental Health
Institute of Psychiatry Library: Mental Health:
Dr. Bob's Home Page
US National Library of Medicine (link amended)
Masters in Healthcare Degree courses - New
A Guide to Psychotherapy on the World Wide Web

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R&D Directorate, NHS Executive South & West, Evidence-based Purchasing Index
Abstracts of Cochrane Reviews
Systematic Reviews Training Unit
CEBMH make your coice
CHAIN Database Home Page
CEBMH homepage frames
SBU -- Swedish Council on Technology Assessment in Health Care
OXAMWEB homepage frames
Effective Health Care bulletins
The King's Fund - King's Fund - Current Work - Development - PACE - Promoting Action on Clinical Effectiveness
Avicenna Systems Corporation Search
EBM Resources for the busy Family Physician
EBHPM homepage
Evidence-based medicine sites
Netting the Evidence : A ScHARR Introduction
HTA Programme Home Page
Sources of high quality evidence in mental health
Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment English Home Page
Northern and Yorkshire, Research and Development Directorate
Bandolier Home Page
R&D Directorate, NHS Executive South & West, Publications - DEC index
NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination
AHCPR Guidelines
Health Services/Technology Assessment Text
Information Sources for Health Care Librarians
Cochrane Collaboration
Cochrane Reviews list by Collaborative Review...
Australasian Cochrane Centre - CDSR

The National Centre for Clinical Audit - NCCA
NCCA Home Page
BHC - Clinical Audit
South Bucks Clinical Audit Home Page
Suffolk MAAG home page

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Health Visitors

Welsh National Board for nursing, midwifery and health visiting
Depression Guidelines-Health Visitor Support
Health Visitor
Health visitor bibliography
Health Vistor Course - Criteria and Guidelines for the Period of Supervised Practice

The United Kingdom Central Council For Nursing Midwifery and Health Visiting
Section of Psychiatric Nursing, Institute of Psychiatry
Forensic Nursing Resource Homepage - the gate...
We Welcome You to
RCN Publishing Company
Nursing Theory
Online Nurse Practitioner Programs (USA)
Section of Psychiatric Nursing,
ENB Home page

Internet Healthcare Coalition
British Medical Association
Patient Information Publications
General issues on Medicine and Health
Risk and the Cybermedics
British Healthcare Internet Association
Internet Healthcare Coalition
Doctor's Guide to the Internet - Doctor's Guide HomePage
UK Health Centre - Home Page
JAMA Homepage
Equip - Education and Quality in General Practice across North Essex - Home Page
Doctor's Guide to the Internet - Doctor's Gui...
Lexi-Comp - The source for clinical informati...
UK Health Centre
Welcome to MedWeb UK

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The Raymot International Generic-Brand Dictionary
USP (US Pharmacopeia)
The Raymot International Generic-Brand Dictionary
Clinical Pharmacology Online
Pharmaceutical Information Network Home Page
PharmInfoNet's Nervous System Disease and Men...
drugtext international home page
New Drug Monographs


Medical Journals - WebMedLit
PubMed Clinical Queries
go2net | MetaCrawler
YELL: The Online Service from Yellow Pages
The British Library
This is YELL
Search The Net
Welcome to PubMed
Information Sources for Health Care Librarians
Aries Systems Corporation & Knowledge Finder®
BUBL LINK: Libraries of Networked Knowledge
AltaVista: Main Page
UK Plus
Search The Net
go2net | MetaCrawler
Ask Jeeves Home
G.O.D. V2
Search the World Wide Web
MEDLINE Search - Healthy.Net
Mental Health Metasearch

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University of Liverpool
Distance Learning Open University
Keele University (UK)
The University of Manchester
The Manchester Metropolitan University
The University of Salford Home Page

Alternative Therapies online resource for Traditional Chinese Medicine


HotBits: Genuine Random Numbers
HyperStat Online Contents
Power Calculator

Occupational Therapy

The College of Occupational Therapists
About the British Association of Occupational Therapists
OT, Occupational Therapy, Occupational Therapy Links
American Occupational Therapy Association
The College of Occupational Therapists
Assn OTs in Mental Health
OT Internet World

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Information Technology



The Centre for Health Informatics - UWA, Aberystwyth, UK
Nursing Informatics; Nursing informatics; AMIA
JAMIA Table of Contents

Sun SITE Northern Europe
4D-Online welcomes you!
Welcome to ACI!
Mailbase Mailing List Service
Microsoft Corporation Home Page; Welcome to M...
Leverage from Balcones Software
ACI UK Home Page
Epson UK
Welcome to the Electronic Support Center
HP Software, Drivers & Support
Welcome to Hewlett-Packard
NT Internals

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