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Update 6. April 2003 with new photos of a family outing

Right : this is a picture of Steve Pardoe on the summit of Tryfan, North Wales, taken in 1955 when he was aged 7. Note the high-tech plastic "Pac-a-Mac", and rugged Sou'-wester.

Below right : another picture with my late father, who was then about 44, and apparently wearing a collar and tie for this ascent. We're sheltering between Adam and Eve, and he's presumably checking that my head is still there.

These photos would have been taken by Dr Alan Simpson, my father's climbing partner from before the War.

Below left : Steve scrambling on Allt Wen in March 1955, showing his early adoption of the knee-jam. Inexplicably, there was then an interval of nearly 45 years before Steve climbed Tryfan by Pinnacle Rib.

May 2001: Steve in a more modern appearance at the summit, and making the compulsory step between Adam and Eve. It's easy enough if you have long legs, a head for heights, and get it right. If you get it wrong, there's a sheer drop of several hundred feet down the East face of the mountain

April 2003: an excellent family outing, with Holly (aged 8) making her first real mountain ascent, only needing a bit of spotting on the steeper scrambling. Oliver (almost 3) did quite a lot on his own, too; just short-roped (with a sling) across the summit blocks, but unfazed by the exposure.

Group photo kindly taken by one of a pair of climbers who
had just completed First Pinnacle Rib

Here's another historical picture kindly sent in by Mark Kemball, from the uk.rec.climbing newsgroup. Mark writes:

"It was taken in the summer of 1959, I'm the little fella on the left, I was not quite 4. My younger brother, Eric, was almost 2. In the original photo, you can just make out the tricounis on my mum's boots. Dad took the picture. It's probably my earliest memory, I say "probably", because now, I'm not sure if I just remember remembering!

"For the record, according to dad, we went up via Heather Terrace and Bwlch Tryfan, and came down the west face. It took 5 hours, and I walked the whole way. My brother was carried on a seat made from a cannibalised ex-army framed rucksack".

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