Some Pictures from the URC Triathon, Maeshafn, 5. July 2017

Edition of 6. July 2017

Three of the URC / Rockchat posse enjoyed an outing to this limestone playground on Wednesday, in warm sunshine.

Main Wall: we started off with Rambler, but I was belaying JohnH and then seconding the route, so didn't get a photo.

JohnH gets busy on Layback on Me (VS 4b)

Marek leading Puppy Power (VS 4b)

Then to the rather gloomy Amphitheatre, to find something Steve actually might be able to do, though the rock isn't as dry...

Steve gibbers up Sling (HS 4a, first limestone lead)

Steve getting a bit higher, and more scared...

...making progress, but it's getting steeper. Some (fairly important) gear fell out a bit later. Oops.

Back to the Main Wall, still sunny

Marek top-roping The Minstrel (E1 5b)


JohnH top-roping The Minstrel (E1 5b), which he'd recently led


Thanks for a grand afternoon out!

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