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February 2005 update 9/3/2005 - new pictures

Here are some rough and ready images from a very fortunate day of snow-plodding, with a little ice-climbing in Cwm Cneifion (or whatever it's called!) as a bonus. Big thanks to Adrian, Ant and Marek for an excellent day out, in really remarkable conditions.

Links to the other chaps' much better pictures are 

Ady's at
Ant's at
Marek's at

Here's a selection of our images.....

Three Musketeers ("Ice-fall for one, and one for Ice-fall")

Bleak, innit?

Looking back to Tryfan

Plodding up

Adrian and Ant looking across to the Devil's Kitchen and Appendix

"Deep 'ere, innit?" [MP]

Marek soloes the first decent ice smear...

...then puts his helmet on and takes a rope up for the more cautious among us...

...and sets up a welcome belay. See the lovely dinner plates!

Steve's turn [AW]

Nice tight rope [AJ]

Getting started could be an issue...

...that's better!

Steve swats the gnat [AW]

Another ice opportunity for Marek, while Ant's waiting

Adrian has a look (and a laugh)

Steve finds some frozen turf [AJ]

Three happy chappies in Cwm Cneifion, as it clags in again

"Can we go now?"

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