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BT Cellnet are taking money from the credit card accounts of thousands of innocent people...   ...even though they haven't got a Cellnet phone!

This page carries news of Parliamentary items referring to the Cellnet fraud scandal. It was prompted by an e-mail from a constituent of the MP who tabled an Early Day Motion on the subject two years ago.

Parliamentary Scrapbook: Update 2. September 2001

21. July 1999: an Early Day Motion was tabled by Paul Burstow MP, Liberal Democrat (Sutton & Cheam):

Tabled an Early Day Motion on CREDIT CARD FRAUD AND PRE-PAY MOBILE TELEPHONES. (856) That this House is concerned that BT Cellnet introduced a pre-pay mobile phone system in July 1998 without adequate safeguards to protect consumers against credit card fraud; believes that plans to introduce a registration scheme are long overdue and fail to address the phones already in use; calls on BT Cellnet to expedite the implementation of its security measures and ensure that safeguards, such as name and address checks, are put in place to prevent users from topping up their phone with other people's credit cards; and further calls on the Department of Trade and Industry to keep this matter under review. This Early Day Motion was signed by 22 MPs: Labour Party 13 Liberal Democrats 9.

Taken from "The Guardian" on-line page.

I have written to Mr Burstow's constituency office to ask whether he has an ongoing interest in the matter.

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