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Update 21. February 2008 - a Google search for 'vestas turbine failure' on the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button comes straight to this website - brilliant!

This section of the ActonBridge.Org website discusses a proposed 12MW wind turbine installation on Green Belt land at Aston, our neighbouring parish just across the River Weaver. Click to visit our main Aston Wind Farm page.

Web site visitors...

Our server logs have almost doubled in volume, so analysis is becoming tedious, but a huge number of energy industry visitors are coming to these pages after a second Vestas turbine collapsed on 28. December 2007 - most recently British Energy, EDF Energy (in concert from two IP addresses), Innogy, and Vattenfall (searching in English for 'vestas+faces+criticism'). Oh, and Vestas themselves ('WIND+TURBINE+FAILURE' on 27. January - no need to SHOUT!).

It was relatively quiet over Christmas, but we did see a visit from TDC Kabel TV in Copenhagen, looking for 'problems+at+vestas' presumably researching a TV feature on their domestic wind energy champion. We were also visited by Peel Holdings, operators of Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Safety concerns have been raised, since the Aston turbines would intrude into the flight path of aircraft using the airport, and there could also be radar interference.

In a previous week we were visited by Vestas American Wind Tech, searching for 'wind+generator+failure' - well, you found it! As did Performance Systems International, when they searched for 'wind+turbine+problems+vestas'.

Our logs feature many specific searches for Vestas turbine problems. Vattenfall, the giant Swedish state-owned utility with generation interests thoughout northern Europe, looked for 'vestas+v80+failures' and made several visits to our pages, while Innogy plc (now part of the German RWE conglomerate) searched for 'vestas+wind+turbine+overspeed', and Suzlon (India's giant power utility, and a regular visitor) looked specifically for 'Vestas+turbine+crash+scotland+england'.

Our turbine failure page was visited by the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, previously the DTI, in the same week that Business Secretary John Hutton announced plans for a huge expansion of off-shore wind power. Oh, and Scottish Southern's obsessive visiting included a search for their competitor's 'scottish+Power+wind+turbine+failure'. Sweet.

This surge in traffic follows the recent collapse of a Vestas turbine in Scotland. See our failure page for more details, or click for the main story about the Aston Grange wind farm proposal. Charmingly, the Danish for 'broken' seems to be 'knækkede'. I don't know the Danish for 'Schadenfreude', but this 'vindmøllekollaps' is a delicious PR disaster for the makers of Tegni's turbines - serves them right, they shouldn't be attacking our Green Belt.

Vestas Wind Systems A/S ('Hej!') have been visiting us regularly, searching for 'vestas+turbine+accident+uk', 'scotland+vestas+turbine+failure' and so on. They called back early in the morning of 20. November, searching for - you've guessed it - 'vestas+turbine+accident'. At least they're consistent, so let's be polite and say 'Hej' again.

Vestas were followed by TransCanada, "a leader in the responsible development and reliable operation of North American energy infrastructure", looking for 'gearbox+problems+vestas'. Hmmm.

LM Glasfiber visited us the day before, searching for 'wind+turbine+accident'. LMG are a major manufacturer of turbine blades, whose investor Nigel Doughty reportedly made a £250,000 donation to the Labour Party in 2005 (see our Links and Media page for references).

Vestas American Wind Tech called by for a look on 14. December 2007, finding us via 'wind+generator+failure' - as well they might. Similar searches referring specifically to failures of Vestas turbines were recorded from Scottish Power (many times), Scottish-Southern (borderline-obsessive, whose search term of choice was 'vestas+wind+turbine+fire', and later 'wind+turbine+stopping+emergency' (whoops, too late!); BBC Internet Services Operations, Carnegie Bank A/S Copenhagen (looking for 'vestas+owner+problems'), Bradley Arant (Alabama), Ince & Co, the London Lawyers (more than once, looking for 'vestas+wind+turbine+fire); Inolex, Lahmeyer International (Germany), Newnan Utilities (Georgia, USA) twice looking for 'Vestas+Turbine+fire'; Powergen Nottingham, Repower Systems AG; and the Universities of Houston, Norwegian Science and Technology, Oxford, Strathclyde, and Vienna (the last searching for 'vestas+gearbox+failure+v90'). Other visitors with more general searches for wind farm failures have been listed below; and there were loads more in the last couple of weeks, but we simply haven't time to identify them all!

Earlier server log analysis...

Our failures page gets over 100 separate visitors in some weeks, many of them from interested parties such as Airtricity, Energis, Scottish Power, Scottish Southern, and Vestas themselves. There have been several other technical visitors regarding bearing failures, such as INA, NSK and JaKe (Jahnel-Kestermann Getriebewerke) in Germany, Le Sueur Inc in the USA, and Timken.

Scottish Southern also searched on Friday 31/8/07 for the 'BBC+WIND+POWER+REPORT' which was broadcast the previous day - we can help you by posting the URL of the programme here, and you can also 'listen again' from the BBC Costing the Earth website. The report confirms what many had suspected, that "The government is paying hundreds of millions of pounds to fund wind farms that are not viable, experts have told BBC Radio 4. They say many farms in England, Wales and Scotland are underperforming because they are located in areas without enough wind". However, the massive subsidies (read, "taxes") through the Renewables Obligation mean that wind farm developers, many of them foreign-owned, don't need to make an economic return, they can just grab the subsidy anyway. Tegni have refused to reveal the results of their own wind measurements at the Aston site.

Among visitors with a direct interest in the Aston Grange Farm application have been Bond Pearce Solicitors, who will represent Tegni at the Planning Inquiry, and visited the main wind farm web page at 17:29 on 2. August 2007, searching Google for "aston+grange+tegni" (running MSIE6.0 on NT5.1, since you asked). They then clicked the link to our Questions and Answers page. Presumably unable to believe their eyes when we topped Google's search results page, they repeated it a couple of minutes later (and got the same result, of course).

We've had lots of visitors searching specifically for the Vestas turbine fire at the Nissan plant in Sunderland, including the Department of Trade and Industry (now BERR), the British Wind Energy Association, Powergen, Scottish Enviroment Protection Agency, Sunderland City Council, Toyota Motor Marketing Europe, and Nissan themselves.

A side-effect of our on-line campaign against the Aston Grange planning application will be that many visitors find out from us about the unreliability, and even catastrophic failure, of Vestas turbines. Indeed, despite the fact that Vestas's own website reported trouble at Tjaereborg, Tegni themselves admitted at our public meeting that our website was their own primary source for such information!

Prominent financial or legal institutions visiting us have included Allen & Overy, Barclays Capital, Carnegie Bank A/S Copenhagen, the giant insurance firm Chubb Corporation ('wind+turbine+blade+failures'), CMS Cameron McKenna, Credit Agricole, Credit Suisse First Boston, Credit Union Centrals of B.C. and Ontario, Deloitte & Touche; the UK's Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (looking for 'scroby+sands+cable+problem'); Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, EAD Solicitors, Fresenius, Hoare Govett Services / ABN Amro; Impax Group plc (provider of "financial services within the environmental markets sector, particularly alternative energy", searching for 'tegni+wind'); Ince & Co, lawyers; Infrassure (Swiss energy infrastructure asset insurance), Innovest Systems, Linklaters, the prominent law firm; KPMG Peat Marwick, Marsh ("the world's leading insurance broker and strategic risk advisor" - 'wind+turbine+blade+failure+causes'); Merrill Lynch, someone in Minnesota ('V47+turbine+Scotland); Peel Holdings (who operate Liverpool Airport - 'Tegni+Cymru+Cyf'), Premier Asset Management, Stadtwerke-Norderstedt (near Hamburg), Triodos Bank ('tegni+cymru' - we think Triodos are financing them), UBS Bank, Weightmans (Liverpool) and others. Several insurance companies have also shown an interest, including Chubb and Securitas, and the Willis Group. Oh, and the "Good Relations" PR firm of 330 High Holborn, London ('tegni+cymru+cyf'). Some belated damage control opportunities, perhaps - or perhaps precisely the opposite, since they list Nirex, the UK's nuclear waste agency, among their clients?

Engineering and consultancy visitors have included Agrilek Ltd ('wind+turbine+V80'), Arup, Asea Brown Boveri (ABB), Atkins Global (at least once looking for 'nissan+turbine+fire'), Barr (Paisley), British Maritime Technology, Buro Happold (looking for 'wind turbine collapse'), David Evans and Associates, Federal-Mogul Corporation, Garrad Hassan (wind power advisers who list Tegni as clients), Hoogovens IJmuiden BV, Hurley Palmer Flatt, IPSA/UMIST, Jacobs Engineering Group (many times, on at least one occasion searching specifically for 'ASTON+WIND+FARM'), Mars & Co (offshoot of Boston Consulting Group), Mott MacDonald Group (who advise Scottish Power on wind farms), Parsons Brinckerhoff, Performance Systems International ('wind+turbine+problems+vestas'), Prüftechnik, QinetiQ, Quinn Group Ltd (Northern Ireland - 'vestas+generator+gearbox+problem'); Repower Systems (Hamburg - 'vestas+overspeed'); Risø National Laboratory, Denmark, a third party approval agency used by Vestas (and with whom Vestas's Vice-President of Technology, Henrik Kanstrup Jørgensen, used to work); Siemens AG (several times, on the most recent occasion searching for 'vestas+wind+turbine+collapse'); Siemens/Westinghouse, Silistix (University of Manchester), Stork Gaers & Services, Rotterdam; Tetratech in the USA, Timken ('main+bearing+failures+wind+turbines'), Trinity Industries, Inc, Dallas ('vestas+control+system); Westland Systems Assessments, and of course Land Use Consultants (who advise Vale Royal Borough Council, the Local Planning Authority for the Aston Grange Farm application). Garrad Hassan called back searching for 'nissan wind turbine fire' which will of course have pointed them to the spectacular failure of a Vestas installation in Sunderland. More locally, Network Rail visited on 11. May, searching for 'aston wind farm' and no doubt concerned about the proximity of the Aston development to the West Coast Main Line (which is just downwind of the site, well within range of a detached blade). Network Rail also searched for 'national+grid+smallwood'.

Among energy and utility companies visiting these pages have been [via] Aircell India ('failure+vestas+v90+wind+turbines'), Airtricity, Alaska Power/Telephone ('wind+turbine+overspeed'), Amoco (Tulsa), BP Plc London ('wind+turbine+failures') and BP Alternative Energy North American Inc ; British Energy Group, Cartier énergie éolienne (Canada) ('Vestas+V80+gearbox++Scroby+Sands+offshore+wind+farm', which is pretty specific_ - their visit coincided with one from their associated company Innergex Renewable Energy Inc; Conectiv (being Atlantic City Electric and Delmarva Power, arguing against a wind energy project, as the costs to consumers are too high); British Energy Group plc, Centrica (once searching specifically for 'stop+aston+wind+farm'!), ChevronTexaco, Ecotricity ('wind+turbines+in+the+green+belt' - er, how "eco" is that?); EDF Energy (from France and the UK), Energis (many, many times), Energy Northwest (USA), Florida Power & Light, Good Energy, Iberdrola/Gamesa Aeronautica, Innogy (now part of the German giant RWE, visiting at least once most weeks, and sometimes daily); Irish Electricity Supply Board, MidAmerican Energy Holdings, Natural Power, Newnan Utilities (GA), npower renewables, NRG Energy; Otter Tail Power Co., PowerGen ('wind+turbines+opposition' - well, that worked for them); Repower Systems AG, RWE/Nukem, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Scottish Power (who on one recent visit were searching for 'tegni+wind+farm' at exactly the same time as 'npower renewables' were searching for 'tegni+cymru+cyf' - coincidence? I doubt it ; and Scottish Power also found us while searching for 'wind+turbine+failure'); Scottish Southern (obsessively), Shell Services International ('Vestas+Turbine+Accident'), Suzlon (India's giant power utility, several times, including looking specifically for 'Vestas+turbine+crash+scotland+england'), Thames Valley Energy, The Northern Energy Initiative (TNEI), TotalFinaElf ; Vattenfall, the giant Swedish utility; Wessex Water ; J-Power, a major Japanese electricity producer with significant interest in renewables ; and several we'll allow to remain anonymous. J-Power became obsessive visitors to our failure page using various search terms, often including Vestas by name. There are of course many more visitors using ISP proxies and not so readily identifiable.

Obsessive-compulsive behaviour by Germania Windpark GmbH manifested itself in four visits to our Tegni accounts analysis page in the same afternoon (and several more later on)! The last time we heard German propellers over the Weaver Valley, they were dropping bombs on Aston Church. They were not welcome then, and they are not welcome now.

The (jack-) boot was on the other foot in December when our Tegni accounts analysis page was visited by Munich Re (the huge insurance underwriter Münchener Rückversicherungs AG, as www.munichre.de) searching for 'Winvest+und+Germania', and also by the (UK) DTI (now BERR) searching for 'tegni+cymru+home'. Now why would they do that?

We also had visits via the (UK) Government Secure Intranet, which is managed by the Cabinet Office, searching for 'wind farm collapse'. This of course led our influential visitors to our turbine failure page. Will the 'butterfly effect' of such damning publicity inform the current debate on nuclear power? They were joined later by HM Customs & Excise (on the Global Crossing server) searching for 'aston+wind+farm'. Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council and many other Local Authorities have also visited these pages.

This adverse and now internationally-widespread publicity for Tegni Cymru Cyf, together with their German financier and Danish equipment supplier (and to on-shore wind energy development in general) is a direct consequence of their 'inappropriate' choice of site within the Cheshire Green Belt and Designated Areas in the Weaver Valley. Harming our village can seriously harm your business!

Network Rail found the same, when they and National Grid Transco took on Acton Bridge and Weaverham for a substation on another Green Belt site. Big mistake! They were defeated, and owing to the exposure of our web campaign they may find future such planning applications much more difficult. And as for Cellnet...

Now please return to the main visit our main wind farm page, the Aston FAQ page or the wind power links and media page.

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