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What is Home Watch ? The following is an extract from Cheshire Police web site for Home Watch;

Home Watch is an independent, voluntary, community-based network.

Individual schemes have different local concerns and vary in size and methods of communication.

HomeWatch logo Supported by the police, Home Watch Schemes strive to:
  • Reduce crime, anti-social behavior and the fear of crime
  • Provide reassurance to neighbours, especially those who may be vulnerable
  • Improve quality of life for residents by working with the Police and other agencies to identify local issues and solve problems where there are community concerns
  • Encourage neighbourliness and closer communities.
Each scheme is organised by a volunteer Home Watch Coordinator who will invite neighbours to join the scheme.

Home Watch Coordinators are registered with the Police, their main role is to receive crime updates and other community safety warnings sent by the police and other agencies and to organise how each member will receive warnings. Members may choose to receive information directly or via the coordinator.

Coordinators will also:

Studies have consistently shown that areas with Home Watch Schemes are valued by the community at large for the reassurance they provide and their effectiveness in reducing crime.

Cheshire Police support Home Watch Schemes supplying promotional materials and scheme start up packs, in addition to holding the volunteer coordinator register.

Acton Bridge

A Home Watch scheme was started in Acton Bridge many years ago and has, in spite of valiant efforts from particular individuals, has stuttered along and is at present without a coordinator. The Parish Council is anxious to keep the scheme in being and to promote a Village wide organisation.

Under earlier schemes there has been a spread of volunteers in various parts of the Village who have linked in to the coordinator with alerts or information for distribution, by the coordinator, to the other volunteers.

The Parish Council ask for interested people to volunteer, either as coordinator or local links and the Parish Council will then arrange a get-together to discuss the set-up of a new scheme. The Police will also be invited to give more details.

Interested people are asked to contact the Parish Clerk, Margaret Holt on 853698 or at 2, Chapel Lane, Acton Bridge, CW8 3QS.

Official Police Home Watch Announcements are on a separate page, click here
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