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Acton Bridge Village Show Results, 6. September 2008


Lemon drizzle cake, cheese scones and chocolate brownies all made a mouth-watering spectacle at the Acton Bridge Village Show. There were arrays of roses, dahlias and sweet peas amongst the flowers and a colourful selection of tomatoes, runner beans, and home-grown potatoes in the Fruit and Vegetable section. The children had created some fascinating junk models and delightful 'vegetable creatures' as well as cookery items such as pizza and fairy cakes. The organisers were delighted with the number of entries and the support shown during the afternoon.

The Junior section was won by 7 year-old Claire Penney. She received a special cup.

The Robertson-Dunn Cup for 3 roses was won by Judy Pardoe. The Walker Shield for a Flower Arrangement depicting a 'Country Garden' was won jointly by Irene Barber and Rosemary Mullett. Lynn Fowler won the Rose Bowl for the most points in the Cookery section. Rose Rowland won the Rose Bowl for the most points in the Art and Craft sections and Lynn Fowler and Rosemary Mullett will share the Rose Bowl for jointly winning the Fruit and Vegetable section. Rose Rowland won the cup for gaining the most points overall and she was also awarded the prize for entering the most classes in the show.

The winners in the Cookery section (Judge: Hazel Landen) Soft fruit jam:-1.Lynn Fowler, 2.Rose Rowland: Stone fruit jam;-1. Eunice Dendy, 2. Lynn Fowler: Marmalade:-1. Lynn Fowler, 2. Rosemary Mullett: Lemon Curd:- 1.Lynn Fowler, 2. Jill Hughes: Chutney:- 1. Eva Woodhead, 2. Marjorie Sandys-Winsch: Apple Pie:- 1. Kath Johnson, 2. Rosemary Mullett: Fruit Loaf:- 1.Sue Williams, 2. Judy Pardoe: Cake (made by male member of family) 1. Harry Rigby (aged 8) 2.Morton Hodgson: Cheese Scones:- 1.Kath Johnson, 2. Christine Turton: Lemon Drizzle Cake:- 1. Sue Williams, 2.Victoria Thompson: Chocolate Brownies: 1. Rose Rowland, 2. Judy Pardoe: Shortbread:- 1. Jane Hemsley, 2. Jill Hughes. The Judge for the Cookery section remarked on the particularly high standard of entries in that section.

The winners in the Fruit and vegetable section: (Judge: Derek Jones) Tomatoes:-1.Clare Ballantyne-Roberts, 2.Rosemary Mullett; Cucumber:- 1.Claire Gibbons, 2.Rosemary Mullett: Onions:- 1. Jane Hemsley, 2.Elizabeth Wakeford: Runner Beans:- 1.Lynn Fowler, 2.Ann Cross: Dessert Apples:-1. Rose Rowland, 2. Lynn Fowler: Cooking Apples:- 1. Rose Rowland. 2.Rosemary Mullett: Potatoes:- 1.Jane Hemsley, 2. Rosemary Mullett: Courgettes:-1. Pam Stafford, 2. Bob Heaton: Plums:-1. Christine Turton: Pears:- 1. Lynn Fowler: Bunch of Herbs:- 1.Jill Hughes, 2. Claire Gibbons.

The winners of the Flower Section: (Judge: Charlotte Daffern) 3 Roses:- 1. Judy Pardoe , 2.Veronica Oliver: Sweet Peas:- 1. Rose Rowland, 2. Claire Gibbons; Dahlias:- 1. Lynn Fowler, 2.Christine Turton: Vase of Perennials:- 1.Ann Cross, 2. Bobbie Dean: Foliage Plant:- 1. Jill Hughes, 2. Sue Canham.

The winners of the Flower Arrangements;( Judge: Charlotte Daffern) Small Table Centre:- 1. Kath Johnson, 2. Elizabeth Wakeford: 'Country Garden' Arrangement;- Joint 1. Irene Barber and Rosemary Mullett: Arrangement using only 5 flowers:- 2. Kath Johnson.

The winners of the Handicraft section: (Judge:Elva Parkes) Hand-knitted item:- 1. Marjorie Sandys-Winsch, 2. Jill Hughes: Homemade Toy:- 1 Sarah Sharp, 2. Irene Barber: Item of Cross Stitch:- 1. Christine Turton, 2. Margaret Nixon: Homemade Jewellery:- 1. Rose Rowland: Greetings Card:-1. Rosemary Mullett, 2. Rose Rowland: Other Hand- Crafted Article:- 1. Bob Heaton.

The Winners of the Photography section: (Judge: Andrew Adams) Photograph of landscape with water:- 1. Sue Williams, 2. Phil Roberts: Photograph of Historic Building:- 1. Sue Williams, 2.Rose Rowland: A Portrait Photograph:- 1. Elizabeth Wakeford, 2. Rose Rowland.

The winners of the Art Section: (Judge: Margaret Birtwistle) Watercolour landscape:- 1. Ken Coates, 2. Veronica Oliver : Acrylic Painting with flowers:- 1 Elizabeth Wakeford, 2. Rosemary Mullett.

The winners of the Junior Section: (Judges: Margaret Birtwistle, Elva Parkes and Hazel Landen) Vegetable Creature:- 1. Claire Penney, 2. Matthew Metcalfe, 3. Kate Kolita, Daniel Kolita, Joseph Kolita and Jay Fowler: Collage Picture:- 1 Charlotte Gibbons,2. Chloe Wakeford, 3.Annabel Smith: Painted Picture:- 1. Jack Roberts, 2.Oscar Sharp, 3. Joseph Rigby: Junk Model:-1.Joseph Kolita, 2.Matthew Metcalfe, 3. Harry Rigby: Decorated plate:- 1. Emily Rowland, 2. Charlotte Gibbons, 3. Tom Roberts: Face on a Plate:- 1. Claire Penney,2. Ellen Bradley, 3. Kate Kolita: Wooden Spoon Puppet:- 1. Kate Kolita, 2. Jay Fowler, 3. Matthew Metcalfe: Cooked Pizza:- 1. William Fifield, 2. Frank Gibbons, 3. Charlotte Gibbons: Decorated Biscuits:- 1. Claire Penney, 2.Jay Fowler, 3. Charlotte Gibbons: Fairy Cakes:- 1.Joseph Rigby, 2. Harry Dean, 3. Matthew Metcalfe: Miniature Garden in a seed tray:- 1. Jack Roberts, 2. Jay Fowler, 3. Kate Kolita.

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