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This page (new in November 2018) carries news and data analysis from the Interactive Speed Indicator Displays (ISIDs) which were installed in the village during August 2018. We have installed four poles, each with a solar panel, and our two ISIDs are being moved between these poles from time to time so that each entrance to the village, plus Hill Top Road, get a share of the data collection.

Update 16. November 2018 - it's a work in progress - thanks for the feedback so far

16. November 2018:
Our two ISIDs have been relocated to Acton Lane and Milton Rough. The signs have now been commissioned, and were checked for proper operation this morning by three of your Parish Councillors. In just a few minutes, it was clear that drivers were slowing down as they saw the displays.

As before, the data the signs collect will be downloaded, processed and analysed, then published here in due course.

12. November 2018:
Following requests from residents, your Editor has carried out further analysis of the vast amount of data collected by the two signs in the two-and-a-half months following the installation and commissioning. In all, over half a million pieces of data have been collected and downloaded, being the Date and Time, Entry Speed, Average Speed, Exit Speed, Peak Speed, and Vehicle Count for every vehicle detected (95,641 in this period). These data sets have been converted into very large spreadsheets, and sorted to show the speeds which are being logged at the sites, and in particular the proportions of detected vehicles which were logged in various speed bands.

The table below shows the results of this period for each sign (Sign 1 being on Hill Top Road, facing towards Cliff Road, and Sign 2 being on Station Road, facing Weaverham, in the initial installation). For each month, the vehicle count is given, with rows for the Entry Speed (at the point when the vehicle was first detected by the radar beam, and the sign would be illuminated to show its speed and the "SLOW DOWN" message, if appropriate) and the Exit Speed (when the vehicle left the beam on passing the sign). Subsequent pairs of columns show the numbers and percentages respectively of vehicles exceeding 30, 35, 40, 50 and 60 mph (for clarity, the 30+ band includes all the higher bands, and so on). The 35 mph band is shown because exceeding this (30 mph plus 10% plus 2 mph) is normally considered appropriate for prosecution in a 30 zone. Although it's quite laborious to do, showing both the Entry and Exit speeds makes it possible to see the apparent effect of the sign as the driver slows down.

In the case of Hill Top Road (Sign 1), the entire measurement window is within the 30 mph speed limit, so no vehicle ought to be logged at more than 30 mph. The Station Road Sign (Sign 2) faces out of the 30 mph limit zone and into the 40 mph zone, so it is legitimate for a vehicle to be travelling at up to 40 mph when first detected. However, at both sign locations the Exit speed should be a maximum of 30 mph.

Drilling down into the table, for example in Hill Top Road (Sign 1) for the September 2018 30+ mph block, 5,272 vehicles (36.7% of the month's total) entered the beam at over 30 mph, but "only" 2,170 (15.1%) were still exceeding 30 mph as they passed the sign. For the 35+ mph block, 1,042 vehicles (7.2%) entered the beam at over 35 mph, but only 306 were still exceeding 35 mph as they passed the sign. And so on. On the upside, for the Autumn period under study, only 14.8% of vehicles were logged at over 30 mph as they passed the Hill Top Road sign, though 36% (12,701) were doing more than 30 when first detected (and the sign illuminated), which shows that more than half of these slowed to under 30 by the time they passed the sign, which is really the point of having it.

It's more complicated for Station Road (Sign 2) where vehicles approach from a 40 mph zone, but (again for September 2018) 5,011 vehicles (16.0% of the month's total) approached at over 40 mph, and 1,958 (6.3%) were still exceeding 40 mph as they passed the sign. 102 were doing over 50 mph, and one was over 60. For the entire Autumn period under study, 775 vehicles were doing more than 50 mph when first detected, and 10,703 were at a "prosecutable" 35 mph or more on entering the 30 zone, so let's hope that the Speed Camera Van has trapped some of them.

You can download a PDF copy of the table by clicking here.

9. November 2018:
The ISIDs have been in place for two and a half months now, and the results are encouraging, though not quite as much as might have been hoped. The detailed analysis and summaries for both signs were presented to the Parish Council meeting on Monday evening. The "top ten" peak speeds recorded by each sign are down from an average of 51.14 mph (peak recorded 60.55 mph) in August to 50.77 mph (peak 57.65 mph) in October for Hill Top Road, and from 70.43 mph (peak recorded 88.46 mph) to 61.05 mph (peak 66.28 mph) for Station Road. These are still unacceptable, of course, but it seems that the signs are having some effect on the more hooligan elements. The signs have been relocated this morning to the posts in Acton Lane and Milton Rough, and once commissioned will be showing speeds and logging data at those entrances to our village.

August 2018:
Interactive Speed Indicator Displays have been installed in the village, and are already operational. This is the culmination of many years of work, dozens of meetings, three Requests-for-Quotation, 76 pages (yes, really) of compliance forms just to put the poles in; plus hundreds of e-mails, and endless time spent by our Parish Councillors. And not forgetting several thousand pounds from the Parish Precept, plus grants from Cheshire West Borough Councillors and the Police & Crime Commissioner's Office. Well done to all who have helped to make this a reality for our Village and Community. The signs will be rotated from time to time around the four sites - as shown below on Station Road and Hill Top Road, and on Acton Lane and Milton Rough, which already have the poles and solar panels installed.

You can often read discussion of the ISIDs and other traffic matters on the Acton Bridge Facebook page - search facebook.com for "acton bridge village" or click here to join in.

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